Peace Walls July '15 update

July 22, 2015  •  1 Comment

Good evening folks

I am writing this blog to provide people with an update on the project. This goes out to everyone who has supported the project through the crowdfunding scheme and also to anyone who is just interested in the project and the journey that it takes me on.

So what were the aims of the project when it was conceived? Well, there wasnt a primary goal - well apart from me having to enjoy the whole process for it to work. I knew that it needed to accurately portray what the enviroment is like living with these structures, either near your home or as part of daily life.

I also knew that I wanted to exhibit the work, in Belfast, on its completion, and for the work to be handed back to the communities that are contained within the photographs. I also knew that I didnt want to make it intentionally bleak. Sure, if thats how the landscape is at that particular scene then I will photograph that however if there is social or economic growth or hope within the surrounding landscape then I am going to do my best to capture that too.

The idea of the book was just a natural progression to the project and one which will summate the journey accurately. It'll let me write a few words, along with the words of others, but mostly to let the photographs do the talking.

Something that also changed slightly was the equipment... medium format film is still the setup im using however i've settled on 6x6 format for the bulk of the work - i'm going to do a separate blog post next week on my rationale for change.

Below are a few 'behind the scenes' images that ive taken on my phone, and are ones from the last 48 hours. I've been up quite early (4am this morning) to tackle some of the more tense areas and utilising the early summer mornings. This means im finished with my work by breakfast time and can look ahead at the next scene. I've visited another 12 or so locations recently so im confident I will be about the 45-48% completion mark by the end of this summer. There are scenes that i'd like to return to at different seasons - i've marked these for a possible revisit.

Most of the time spent within this project has been on researching possible scenes and making sure safety issues are addressed. However, i've had nothing but innocent curiosity from people so far and a bit of friendly local banter in between. :)

As mentioned, I want the work to return to the community and i've been in contact with an interface project so that they can use the work when possible when the exhibitions are complete.

So, we're still on track for the 2016 completion dates for both the exhibition and the book and I thank you all for your support to date. The crowdfunding has finished but the project most certainly hasn't.



1.Rupert Nicholson(non-registered)
Great that the aim is to allow community use after the exhibitions.
I thought your original use of 6x9 plate would be cumbersome, and the move to a 6x6 easier to get around the streets, and evacuate if necessary.
All the best with this project.
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