About the work


'A Path Not Far': Local woodland work in the area that John lives - West Lothian, central Scotland

'Partition': Belfast Peace Walls work

'Inner Landscape': Urban structure work that is rich in form.



About John


John is a self taught photographer born and brought up in Northern Ireland.

John now lives with his children in central Scotland, where much of his work is taken.  Since September 2014, John has been solely working on his long term project 'Partition', which is a photographic study on the Peace Walls that exist within Belfast.  These walls and other man made structures were first built in 1971 at the beginning of 'The Troubles' and most still exist today. This project is due for release in December 2016.

John uses a Bronica SQ or Mamiya RZ67, both of which are film cameras that provides large negatives for high quality imagery. A number of the images on the site were RAW files from a previous DSLR, the Canon 5D mk2, along with other medium format cameras.

Most images are captured on locations which aren't immediately recognised but yet still portray elements that are evidently 'Scottish'.

Johns work is for his own personal use.  John does display work at a variety of exhibitions, which are self financed.

Regards, John.